Stormwater management solutions for a healthier

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We help homeowners better prepare for heavy rainfalls by preventing water from entering their home and destroying their property. 











We aid businesses in assisting with alleviating puddles and standing water, caused by heavy rainfall, allowing them to reduce hazards and keep business open. 











Since flooding due to urbanization can cause storm water runoff to overwhelm drainage structures, we support cities and municipalities in their capital improvement plans (related to flooding) by offering a permeable solution that is eco-friendly and allows for long term cost savings.



We partner with the above groups to educate on innovative ways to ensure that functionality and aesthetically pleasing products are offered to solve their customer's issues. We can also contribute to architects obtaining LEED credits in storm water management and water quantity control.  

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U.S. Infrastructure Struggles With New Weather Forecast

November 15, 2021


Read more on this interesting article about how new climate patterns with storm water is now overwhelming U.S. drainage infrastructure.

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Evaluating Potential Benefits of Permeable Pavers on the Quantity & Quality of Stormwater

December 5th, 2021


Read about a study performed by on the potential benefits of using permeable pavement to assist with stormwater runoff.

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A brighter tomorrow is closer than you might think.  We aim to be environmental stewards & community builders.  CD Enterprise Products Co. is a family owned DBE-certified flood protection paver manufacturer and supplier of stormwater management products. 

As Louisiana natives, we know all too well of the devastating effects that flooding can cause.  Our mission is to provide impactful drainage solutions to our communities to help them live with storm water with less impact to their livelihoods, while being kinder to our environment.